Target audience

  • Young and upcoming managers
  • Managers who achieved their position by proving themselves as great experts
  • Managers who have recently founded their own company



Participants will learn about:

  • The role and responsibilities of a manager
  • How to develop the professional competencies of a manager?
  • Various management styles
  • A manager’s functions   

and will be able to:

  • Apply an appropriate management style according to any/ particular situation
  • Plan and organise their work by balancing different needs within the company
  • Motivate themselves and colleagues
  • Provide feedback on work results


To gain understanding of a manager’s work and role, as well as to acquire practical skills for the successful performance of management functions:

  • What makes a great manager?
  • What are the professional competencies of a great manager?
  • What is my management style?
  • How to set and agree on common goals?
  • How to create a team?
  • How to motivate yourself and colleagues?
  • How to monitor employees, if at all?


  • Professional competencies of a manager
  • Methods for development of the professional competencies of a manager
  • Management styles
  • Manager’s functions and roles
  • Goal setting
  • The Manager and the team
  • Motivation, employee involvement and development
  • Monitoring and feedback
  • Manager motivation


The training programme involves an intensive two-day seminar with practical examples and active participant involvement in various practical tasks. It is a great opportunity to share ideas and opinions with colleagues from other companies. Between the first and second day of the seminar, participants will be asked to complete an assignment related to their current work projects.

day 1: A practical seminar during which employees will learn about a manager’s professional competencies, discuss their essence and significance in their current positions, and determine their own competencies for development. By analysing various human resources management situations, participants will get to grips with various management styles, determine their own management style, and learn to choose the most appropriate style for a given situation. The day will be closed out with reflection on the training received so far.

day 2: A practical seminar during which participants will learn about management functions and roles. Through individual and group work, participants will analyse elements of management functions and develop a management model suitable for their situation within their own company.

Feedback from previous seminars:

  • A very good, rich subject that provides food for thought. A lot of the provided information helps you to self-reflect.
  • I learned how to act in various situations. A great source of motivation and a chance to get a different perspective on your own situation.
  • During training, solutions for various problem situations were reviewed.
  • My benefit - better understanding of management.
  • Various approaches to human resource management.
  • Professional, well-read coach.
  • Good examples, group work and observations.
  • I wanted to know more about particular motivation tools, but in general the training involved serious mental work over two days.
  • Ideas on how to build a team and motivate employees.
  • It helped me understand a manager’s role and to evaluate my own company during the training. I liked that colleagues shared their experience from various fields.
  • Personal and team values, motivation and how to move out of your comfort zone. Management style; delegation - not only as a manager, but as a team.
  • I gained a lot of great knowledge, e.g. how to better evaluate and motivate employees.
  • Everything was very high-standard.
  • A dynamic, two-day training session that introduced many new ideas.
  • I was able to look at my actions from a different point of view. Many positive and useful ideas.
  • It was good to role-play situations that promote thinking. Not a dry recital of facts.
  • Great, interesting, exciting!


Business coach and consultant Anita Gaile

As an architect of change, Anita Gaile helps people and companies to grow, develop and achieve much more. As human resources management and change management expert since 2003, she has worked in leading positions at Air Baltic Corporation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain, and Citadele bank. She has also consulted and developed training programmes for many companies in Latvia.

Education: Doctorate in business management ( administration), master’s degree in business administration (MBA).

Anita’s research area is modern relationship models between employers and employees. She has also acquired business coaching skills and is a certified expert in change management.




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