Our clients are growth-oriented companies that determinately plan their business future and corresponding employee development strategies. 

A corporate solution may be a single day of training or a several years long development programme. Following stages are essential for achieving best results in long term projects:

  • Business consultant/ trainer meets with the management/ managing group/ personnel/training manager of the company, to understand the current situation, strategy, goals, challenges, and needs for development of employees and managers;
  • Business consultant/ trainer specifies the employee development needs by performingpre-training evaluation (for example, talks with the management and training participants, questionnaires, knowledge evaluation tests, analysis of previous evaluation results, etc.) with an aim to develop a programme tailored to the current company situation and goals ;
  • particular development project goals are defined in cooperation with the management;
  • a solution corresponding to the current situation is developed and the implementation process begins; 
  • During project implementation, the business consultant meets with the management toprovide feedback about the process, progress of the participants, also the plan and activities are adjusted if necessary;
  • Final project reportand results presentation;
  • Evaluation of development project results. Comparing results to initially set goals. 
  • Post-training plan development to promote future development and use of acquired knowledge and skills. 

It must be taken into account that the training results depend not only on the business trainers, but on the programme participants themselves and involvement of the company management in the process.  To ensure achieving significant results our business trainers closely cooperate with and support both the management and the participants at all stages of development programme implementation.