Being a technical manager is hard enough, but managing the testing process is a unique challenge, requiring judgment, agility, and organization.
The course covers the essential tools, critical processes, significant considerations, and fundamental management skills for people who lead or manage development and maintenance test efforts. It describes the development and use of the test plan, the test system, the bug tracking database, and the test tracking spreadsheet. It covers the “people skills” needed to define your test team, hire the appropriate people, manage that team’s relationships with peers and managers, and distribute test work to other participants.
Finally, the course addresses the contextual issues of test projects, such as the economics of testing, the test effort within the project.
Through presentation, discussion, debate, hands on exercises, brainstorming and questioning, we shall go through terminology, methodology, concepts and tools to learn how to plan, review and manage tests and testers, how to track what we do and improve over time. We shall discuss how to function as test managers within testing and other type of teams, how to be productive and efficient, how to produce quality working software and what is needed on the communication side to be a part of a team.
Relevant exercises and simulations are integrated into the course in order to close the gap between methodology and actual field implementation and enable participants realize what they need to be doing in their designated teams as testers from now on. 



The main learning objectives of the Advanced Test Manager course are:

  • Define the overall testing goals and strategy for the systems being tested
  • Plan, schedule and track the tasks
  • Describe and organize the necessary activities
  • Select, acquire and assign the adequate resources to the tasks
  • Select, organize and lead testing teams
  • Organize the communication between the members of the testing teams, and between the testing teams and all the other stakeholders
  • Justify the decisions and provide adequate reporting information where applicable



Advanced Level Test Manager Qualification is aimed at people who have achieved an advanced point of their careers in software testing, and are managing testers or SW engineering related team/s (see pre-requisites).
This included people in roles such as:
Test Leader
Test manager
Test consultant
IT director
Project manager
Quality manager
Business analyst
Manager consultant Prerequisites



At least 4 years’ experience in SW development or SW test out of which: 2 years are in Test Management, Project Lead, Test Methodology or Test Process Improvement roles (combinations are allowed)
Basic valid certification in ISTQB® Foundation level
Proven experience in testing area - Employees - employer letter, Independents - a letter from the customers
Document "Code of Ethics" to be Signed



Chapter 1 – Testing Processes

Chapter 2 – Test Management

Chapter 3 - Reviews

Chapter 4 – Defects Management

Chapter 5 – Improving the Testing Process

Chapter 6 – Test Tools and Automation

Chapter 7 – People Skills




Mr. Alon Linetzki - is an expert test engineer, testing coach and a testing consultant with over 23 years in testing, and over 33 years in IT. During his career, Mr. Linetzki have participated and managed various types of development projects and testing projects with a large range of technologies, size and sector domain orientation from telecommunication and finance, to banking and embedded systems.
Alon has trained more than 2,000 testing professionals (engineers and managers alike), in his career.
He is the author of multiple testing classes, including: Testing in an Agile Environment, ISTQB® Agile Tester, Exploratory Testing, Measurements and Metrics for Making Good Quality Decisions, Test Process Improvement Using TPI®, Risk Based Testing, Writing Good Test Requirements, and Test Automation for Decision Makers, Introduction to Test Automation, Personal Communication and presentation Skills, Root Cause analysis in Testing and Adding business value increasing ROI in testing, and more.
Mr. Linetzki is a popular speaker in international testing conferences since 1995. He is the co-founder of the Israeli Testing Certification Board (, and the founder and chair of SIGiST Israel ( He is leading the ISTQB® Partner Program worldwide as part of the marketing working group. He is also one of the authors of the new ISTQB® Foundation Level Agile Tester Certification, and is involved in the next level certification of ISTQB® Advanced Level – Agile Technical Tester. Mr. Linetzki is also the ISTQB® Marketing Chair (March 2016).







Norises laiks

25th june - 29th june


1 070.00 EUR + PVN
*Information and communication technology enterprises are able to attract EU funding for training and certification in this course.